Renewable Energy (RePLANT)

RePLANT is a software system developed by ITS and intended for efficient operations management and administration of renewable power plants including wind power, photovoltaics, hydropower, biomass and geothermal energy. In addition, RePLANT can also be employed e.g. for energy storage plants, cogeneration plants (block-type thermal power stations) and power grid substations. Combined representation of all forms of energy and cross-park plant selection in connection with sophisticated multi-window functions enable permanent system monitoring while ensuring that administrative tasks are handled efficiently at the same time.


The entire system is modular and can be extended flexibly. The modules below are available:

  • Plant data acquisition and evaluation
  • Control room / technical operations management
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts handling and stock management
  • Commercial operations management and accountingimage003
  • Reporting
  • Administration
  • Load management and billing
  • Mobility thanks to APPs
  • Separate portal

Main features:

  • High degree of flexibility
  • Comprehensive configuration options
  • Variable processing depth
  • Very clear layout
  • Active control
  • Quality optimisation
  • Time savings due to abbreviated work procedures
  • Central data management of all information (plants, addresses, documents)

RePLANT is based on the WindPLANT software and uses its tried-and-tested functions that have stood the test of many years of practical operation.

The Java programming language makes this application not only independent of the current operating system version, but it can also be used on numerous operating systems such as Windows, OS X (Apple), Linux and Unix. The new operating concept enables quick and easy work. Under the Windows operating system, simple data exchange with Office is possible almost anywhere.

The modular program layout allows quick and safe implementation of customer-specific adaptations. Database fields can be freely defined by the customer. The application server and the database are UTF-8-compatible and thus basically cover several languages.

RePLANT is intended for operations managers, operating companies managing operations (municipal utilities), onshore/offshore control centres and commercial operations managers.
RePLANT can operate plants combining different types of energy as one virtual power station.
RePLANT Monitor APP provides information about the operating condition of the plants on the smartphone.
RePLANT Maintenance APP provides information about local work and serves for login and logout documentation of service technicians through their smartphones.
RePLANT Portal serves for representing of data for your customers in a separate WEB portal.

Further performance features include: RDS-PP-conformity, digital maintenance schedules, recognized accounting relating to EISMAN regulations (automatic calculation and documentation of peak and lump sum accounting methods), evaluations of status messages (duration, frequency).


Control Room as the Central Function

The navigation tree represents the plant condition according to the prevailing priority. The information that is most important to the operator is displayed for each form of energy and the selected plants. The status of each system can be immediately identified on the color-coded display.

02.1-Wichtiges auf einen Blick02.2-Details per Klick

The most important facts at a glance, at all times.                                                                                                                                      Further details are just a click away.


Associated data such as plant data, status messages, events and activities are automatically assigned and displayed. Geographic information relating to the location coordinates can be displayed either in maps or in satellite images. In addition to load management, the operations manager can intervene in plant control by means of START, STOP and RESET.


Yield of selected plant on the relevant monitor.

08-Darstellung in Weltkarte

Display in maps or in satellite images.


Technical Operations Management

Gaphic evaluation

The evaluations are easy to handle and very comfortable. All measured data can be converted into any output form. Similar plants can be compared. Plant selection is by drag & drop. Evaluation is available for different forms of energy generation (Wind, PV).

WEA im Vergleich

Graphic representation of output and wind speed of two wind power plants in comparison.


Performance curve                                                                   All diagram types can be displayed


Further Programs and Functions in Technical Operations Management:

  • Raw data, status messages, status codes, availability, yield loss calculation
  • Activities on the plant: repairs, maintenance, visitors etc.
  • Events (life file)
  • Own alarm management
  • Active control

Gantt Graphische Darstellung Gantt

Graphic display (Gantt) of faults messages and events.

Gantt Statusmeldungen

Number and duration of fault codes.


Inspection and Maintenance

Quality assurance, recurring events: maintenance schedule, spare parts handling and stock management

Wind, Wave and Weather Forcast

Wind neu


Commercial Operations Management/Accounting

Contract modules

Business transactions:Finanzwelt 13198356

  • Electric utility remunerations
  • Wind power plant remunerations
  • Operations management contracts
  • Transformer substation operating costs
  • Purchased electric energy
  • General distribution of costs
  • Contracts of use / leases
  • Accounting for limited partners 


  • Different intervals for regular payments (minimum payment / performance-dependent payments)
  • Automatic generation of payment schedules from contract dataAutomatic generation of invoices and credit notes from the monthly payment schedule
  • Counter (commercial)
  • General commercial functions
  • Fundamentals such as currencies, cost objective management, procurement, invoices, DATEV interface, fields management.

 Liegenschafts Katasterkarte

 Field maps.



The operations management reports (month/quarter/year) are generated automatically, maintenance and downtimes, yield losses and the energetic availability are calculated. Different output formats in are available in different configurations.


Example of a report.


Personnel administration, access control, plant specification, authorisation, configuration, customizing, address management, key management, fields, document management, general Excel-Interface.


Load Management

The power grid operating company makes the information for reducing the power available, e.g. by means of a ripple control receiver. The control duration is < 1 min. The accounting is realized in the commercial operations management module.

 RePLANT Strommasten


Separate Web-Portal

The portal is based on the RePLANT data and makes these data available to owners, limited partners, direct sellers, financial service providers or persons involved in management in a simple and clearly arranged layout.

No special knowledge is required for operating this portal.

Access to the data shown below is possible from any PC via the internet, provided access is authorized. Every authorized user can see only those plants for which he/she has been authorized before.


RePLANT Portal

Web portal screens.

The object selection on the left allows displaying either individual plants, entire parks or all plants. Hourly, daily, monthly or annual data are available after selecting the time range. Information about wind, yield, scheduled yield and availability is displayed both in tables and graphically. Activities and faults can be either displayed or hidden.



RePLANT is operational in more than 250 wind power and photovoltaic parks with more than 2000 photovoltaic power inverters and 1000 wind power plants made by different producers for operations management, administration and accounting.

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